Sticks & Stones

sticksandstones_4196Larry’s third book, Sticks and Stones: How Digital Reputations are Earned Over Time and Lost in a Click, describes the process and techniques by which individuals, entrepreneurs, and senior executives can build and maintain reputation equity in a digital environment.

A good reputation is a company’s or an individual’s most important asset, yet it never appears on the balance sheet or in the checking account. Sticks and Stones defines reputation equity as the sum total of positive impressions that an individual, product, brand or organization makes on key stakeholders (customers, prospects, employees, shareholders, suppliers, regulators, communities). Reputations are based upon accumulated behavior and actions over time. The stronger the reputation equity, the more easily it can overcome attacks from one crazy blogger.

Reputation equity resides in others—not within you, your brand, or your product. You can influence it, you can improve it, you can defend it, you can destroy it, but you can’t control it. In this guide, Larry discusses how you can build the strategy you need to start and sustain these digital conversations and manage your brand reputation.

Sticks & Stones was published by John Wiley & Sons in July 2009.