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It’s Almost Here: The Digital Marketer

By Lisa Leslie Henderson and Larry Weber

On April 23, The Digital Marketer: 10 New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric will be publicly available. Over the course of the last year, we have thought a lot about today’s marketing landscape, where it is likely to be headed, and the skills marketers will need to be successful both now and in the future. We have consulted with people who work at companies involved in all aspects of marketing to gain their insight and hear their stories. Finally, we have shaped those ideas into a book, which we are confident will both inspire and encourage marketers at all stages of their careers.

The Digital Marketer explains the latest tools and trends used in today’s marketing initiatives and how they work together to generate remarkable customer experience the primary source of differentiation for organizations forward: Contextualized customer experiences. Converged media strategies. Big data and advanced analytics. Marketing automation. Native advertising. Snap chat and Pinterest and WeChat. Customer Journey Analysis. Design Thinking. Marketing Agility. A/B Testing and Dynamic Optimization. Digital Loyalty Programs. Gated Customer Communities. iBeacon and near-field communications technology. And much, much more. Marketers that know how and when to apply various combinations of tools in this expanded toolkit will be able to create personal, meaningful, and profitable customer interactions.

“As the brave new world of digital marketing gets more complicated, and brands need to engage more with their customers—a trusted guide is necessary,” explains Linda Boff, Executive Director, Global Digital Marketing at GE. “The Digital Marketer is that guide.”

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